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“We are getting huge compliments for the scent in the lobby area. One person, is very curious of the smell’s name. Can you share it with us, so she can get something like it for her house? As always, thank you so much for your partnership in making Brent House great for our guests and employees!!”

 Kimberly Freeze
Assistant General Manager
Ochsner Health System

“Blue Harbor Pointe has been a beacon for automobiles in Mandeville, Louisiana for over 17 years. We offer goods and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. In order to continue to provide our customers with the best experience possible, we researched store scenting and environmental marketing. When we decided to enhance our convenience store and food sales with scent marketing, we turned to Airwaves Scenting. We have used Profit-On-Hold for our on-hold messages and gas pump messaging for the past 17 years, so we knew what type of service they provided. It was an easy decision to go with Airwaves by Profit-On-Hold.

We initially used another scenting company’s solution for a few years, but Airwaves Scenting was able to replace our existing scenting system with a larger, more comprehensive system at a more affordable price. Airwaves Scenting covers much more square footage at a better price. We are also now able to program our new unit with store hours and adjust the potency as needed. We have scented our store with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cinnabun and Greentea Lemongrass. There is not a single day that goes by without a customer commenting on how good it smells in our store.

We highly recommend the scent marketing services from Airwaves Scenting by Profit-On-Hold. Thank you, Otto, for providing our business with an innovation that enhances the experience of our customers.”

Marc Delery

“I wanted to wait a couple of months after my Airwaves was installed to comment on the effectiveness.  To date, we are very happy with Airwaves as a whole. The air quality in my clinic has improved. Being an animal hospital is certainly challenging in reference to odors.  Airwaves has had a positive impact. We are indeed pleased.”

 Carolyn Guidry
Office Manager
Northlake Animal Hospital

“Hilton Garden Inn has always curated our brand as one of elegance and comfort. So, when Hilton Garden Inn of Covington wanted to enhance our customer experience with scent marketing, we tuned to Airwaves Scenting by Profit-On-Hold. Airwaves Scenting’s professionalism and hands-on services has ensured that we have had the correct equipment and fragrance for our lobby, from the beginning. There is not a single day that goes by without our guests commenting on how pleasant and clean it smells in our lobby. We have even had guests inquire about the exact scent so that they could buy it! We are able to program our new unit with our specific hours and adjust the potency as needed.

We can highly recommend the scent marketing services from Airwaves Scenting by Profit-On-Hold.”

Melissa Wood
Guest Services Manager
Hilton Garden Inn
Covington, LA

“My name is vincent Centanni and I am the owner of Centanni Construction Co., INC., a third generation company, in business since 1960. We recently participated in the North Shore Home Builder’s Association’s Parade of Homes, our very first. We won three awards. Best in Show, Best Kitchen and Best Master Bath. During the HBA’s Parade of Homes, we hosted over 500 parade goers.

Since we had just completed construction about 2 weeks before the show, we wanted to make them fell more like homes, rather than a newly finished construction. To achieve this, we relied on Airwaves Scenting, to neutralize any odors. Airwaves Scenting is a small machine, with a large impact. Upon entering the home, people were amazed by how welcoming it smelled. One machine was able to disperse the scent around a 3000+ sq ft home. We attribute Airwaves Scenting for putting us above the competition and leaving a lasting impression on the parade goers.

I enjoyed using Airwaves so much, that I purchased a machine for our office as well as our personal home. Airwaves neutralizes pet and food odors leaving my home and office smelling fresh. I like that I can adjust the output and control just how strong I want the scent. I highly recommend this product for commercial and residential use.”

Vincent P. Centanni Jr.
Centanni Construction Co., INC.